When we design test automation framework it is a common practice to follow the Test Design Patterns for well architecture & matured framework. A poorly designed architecture is a major reason why test automation frameworks fail. Below are the few common factors which results into the bad design :

  • Those implementing the work are new or unfamiliar with test automation approaches/standards.
  • The project’s timeline is strict.
  • The scale is unclear.
  • Not using the right coding principles.

But , there is a fix .Lets take a moment to identify our issues & problems .Once …

In my previous blog I have mentioned about the the Cypress Trade-off about opening multiple tabs in the browser. Since Cypress runs in the browser, it will never have multi-tabs support. However cypress has provided its Recipes which will make our tests very much better and very less flaky.

Problem Statement :

Most of the time this use case is needed when users click an <a> that opens a new tab. Users then want to switch to that tab to verify that the content loaded. And sometimes even navigate back and forth to these tabs.

Solution : Stubs & Spy…

Writing automated test should be an integral part of a healthy software development process. In testing, particularly in automated testing there are different flavours at different levels. In this article I’d like to provide a quick overview of automated UI or End-to-End testing with Cypress.

Currently Selenium is the king of web automation. But as they say , “Nothing is perfect in this world, everything has its pros and cons..” I would start with the challenges faced with selenium and how we can achieve it easily with Cypress.

Problem to Solve: The problems with selenium can be described in one…


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